The pirate Barrabas the Unclean has been attacking pilgrim ships in the Koronus Passage. The Imperial Navy has placed a bounty on his capture or death.


…video feed begins…

“Greetings Footfallen, we’ve got a late breaking news update for all of you out there stationside!

Barrabas the Unclean was granted The Emperors Mercy by the heroic forces of House Drax. The Lord Captain himself and his companions stormed the bridge of Barrbas’ flagship while it was at dock in Footfall. The foul pirate was vaporized after a short but brutal fight, as it turns out no ammount of warp taint will protect you from a Lascannon beam to the chest.

Lord Captain Drax has called for the surrender of the remaining three ships of Barrabas’ fleet docked at Footfall claiming them as the property of his house. Needless to say the pirates commanding those ships seem to have taken exception and are attempting to flee the system.

…picture in picture of a servo skull vid feed of the battle plays with the newscast…

I’m getting reports of multiple House Drax ships moving to intercept the fleeing raiders.

More on this situation as it develops."

…video feed ends with a burst of static…


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