Dynasty Military

32nd Svard Infantry

Light Infantry PDF regiment

1st Raakaata Irregulars “Da Boyz”

This unit is a full regiment of feral world techno-barbarians from the industrial wastelands of Raakaata. The warriors are barely better than primitive cavemen who cobble together weapons and armor from the scrap of the ancient human civilization of their homeworld.

Since being recruited to House Drax the warriors have been provided with a bare minimal barracks and a steady supply of scrap metal with which to construct homes, weapons and shrines to The Emperor who they worship as a storm god.

The ships Missionary has commited his retinue to dragging the backwards primitives to The Emperor’s light even if he has to club a few over the head to do it.

Given the temperment of the barbarians it is no surprise that the Ork ZogNob has taken an interest in them. He has promised “da Kaptin” that he will whip them into shape before their first deployment and make sure “dey iz propa Orky fer ya boss!!!”.

Needless to say this makes the Missionary quite nervous, However Lord Captain Drax is interested in seeing the outcome of ZogNob’s efforts.

Dynasty Military

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