Voyage of the Deliverance

We win!! Oi, those ships is ours!!

Captured one of the fleeing Raiders, freed several thousand slaves from the transport recruited those who wanted to sign on into an armed peacekeeping force on the captured Raider, dropped the others off on Footfall.

The fleet now consists of 5 ships

Deliverance – Frigate
The ol PR – Havoc Raider
Unnamed – Infedel Raider
Unnamed – Iconoclast Raider
Chaos Tub – Transport what needs purging

Deciding what to do with the tainted transport. Infedel and Iconoclast Raiders being ourged purified and refitted. Most of the crew of the Infedel were free of chaos taint. Replaced command crew and assigned a large number of peacekeepers to oversee behavior and morale.

Headed off to look for Space Hulk Endymion. Navigator needs an upgrade, minor warp encursion left the Nun and the Lord Captain in the infirmary. Protip: get anti demon goodies.

Arrived in Magoros system to find a paradise world with an low tech indiginous xeno population.

We can fix that…



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